Chocolate Colorued DiamondChocolate Diamonds

Every Chocolate Diamond is laser inscribed for added security protection and each diamond story certifies and reflects an accurate report verifying the diamonds journey from the mine to you. Chocolate Diamonds go beyond the requirements of the Kimberley Process Certification scheme ensuring the highest standard of human rights, social responsibilty and environmental sustainability. 

For over 50 years Eternity Diamonds has garnered a reputation for mining, cutting, cultivating and perfecting quality diamonds - their team of 70 dedicated cutters applying all of their skills and craftsmanship to ensure that every stone is precision cut, capturing and bringing to life the true brilliance of your Australian diamond.

Eternity Diamonds have found a way not only to capture the colour, but also to ensure that the brilliance and sparkle of the stone is maximised and even embellished. So much so, that now, even when you compare them to white diamonds of the same quality the scintillation will often be the same or greater. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are sure to be a stunning statement amongst an array of pieces. 

Goldsmiths Gallery are exclusive stockists of Australian Chocolate Diamonds, contact us to discuss your diamond needs.